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Sample transport of urgent direct preparations (D-MIKRO)

Definition: D-MIKRO (see also Diagnostics compact)

  • Only emergencies (e.g. suspected meningitis, gas gangrene, fulminant wound infections, materials that can no longer be obtained intraoperatively, etc.) should be declared as D-MIKRO.
  • Immediate transport to the microbiology department without intermediate storage by the transport service.
  • Immediate processing by the microbiologist on duty after consultation with the clinical colleague.

 Procedure for the sender

1. Labeling of the transport plastic cover with sticker D-MIKRO*1 or handwritten
2. Immediate telephone notification of the microbiologist on duty (hospital switchboard)
3. Immediate notification of the transport service

 *1 labels can be requested directly from our sample collection department (17-9158)


Examination order forms:

Order for transport media

Registration form PHYSICIANS

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