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Sascha Mörth
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The Neurological Clinic's Neuropsychology department helps with the diagnosis of neuropyschological functional impairments as part of an acute or chronic neurological disease. The diagnostic goal is to determine cognitive impairments in order to implement the necessary treatment after an inpatient stay. This can take the form of an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation treatment, which can include neuropsychological treatment or medicinal treatment. Cognitive functionality includes the areas responsible for memory, attention, visual spatial abilities, and executive functions (ability to problem-solve, plan). A neuropsychological examination is possible through our Neurological Outpatient clinic or one of our specialized outpatient clinics.

The neuropsychological diagnosis takes places after an initial appointment in our Neurological Outpatient Clinic or one of the specialized clinics. The appointment is made via telephone.

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A referral from your general practitioner or a specialist from one of our clinics is necessary. Next the necessary medical testing will begin, including diagnostic testing and laboratory work (i.e. CAT scans, blood work, etc). After this is concluded, neuropsychological testing can begin. The examination lasts circa 2 hours and includes a discussion of medical history and testing of cognitive areas of the brain.

Patients with various neurological ailments will be examined, for example patients who have suffered a stroke, have inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (i.e. Mutliple Sclerosis), Parkinson's or epilepsy. Existing conditions such as depression or paranoia must be clarified because they can have an impact on neurological-psychological impairments.