Vascular Pharmacology

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Huige Li and Dr. Ning Xia are currently working on the following research topics in the field of vascular pharmacology: 

  • The role of peri-vascular fat tissue (PVAT) in the regulation of vascular function (DFG-Project, Transmed-Projekt)

  • The role of B lymphocytes in the regulation of vascular function and hemostasis (BIF-Project, BMBF-Projekt) 

  • The effects of loneliness and social isolation on the cardiovascular system

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying the blood pressure-programming effect of certain maternal pharmacotherapies (DFG-Project)

  • Vascular Ageing (Link)


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Prof. Dr. Li
Huige Li, Prof. Dr.
Deputy Head of the Department
Group Leader

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Dr. Xia
Ning Xia, Dr.
group leader

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Research Associate

Dr. Man
Andy Man, Dr.

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Technical Assistance

Reifenberg, Gisela 06131 17-9286


Camp, Alica MD student 06131 17-9189
Mimmler, Maximilian Master student 06131 17-9275
Zhou, Eva Yawen Ph.D. student 06131 17-9189