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Overview of changes in germ designations

Today, the classification of bacteria and, ultimately, their naming is usually based on their genetic relationship, which may differ from historical classifications based more on morphological and biochemical characteristics.

The renaming of bacterial species on this basis can make it difficult for our clinically active colleagues to make their usual assignments and generate misunderstandings in the interpretation of findings.

In order to keep our findings as clear and comprehensive as possible, we have decided not to immediately adopt every occasional, even temporary change in taxonomy. If no objective consequences can be concluded from the changed naming, we will keep the previous naming; we will make an adjustment after foreseeable establishment and corresponding communication.

However, as other laboratories will immediately adopt some of the renaming, we keep an overview which compares the previous names with the new names in order to allow for an exact allocation, as may occur when interpreting external findings:  

Comparison of previous and "new" naming (status 19.01.2023) (Pdf-file, 162,4 KB)