Dear patients, dear parents and children, dear colleagues,

Oliver Muensterer, MD, PhD Professor and Chairman
Oliver Muensterer, MD, PhD
Professor and Chairman


our department employs about 30 people from more than 6 different countries. This cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance is our great strength. It allows us to network with other pediatric surgeons all over the world and thereby continuously receive new impulses for up-to-date, science-based treatments. It is a basis for the respect and empathy that our staff shows our patients and their families regardless of nationality, skin color, sexual orientation or political attitudes.

Our department is committed to a free, pluralistic society and to offering optimal pediatric surgical care to every child and every family, regardless of their origin, insurance status or religion. We offer our patients an age-appropriate, respectful and healthy environment. Guaranteeing patients and families their respective dignity, rights and autonomy at all times is our response against the divisive forces currently attacking our society.

If your child or patient is due to undergo surgery, contact us or come to our ambulance (appointments on 06131 17 4450).

You are also welcome to make a telemedical appointment with us



Oliver Muensterer, MD, PhD ( Email)
Professor and Chairman, Department of Pediatric Surgery

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