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Hermann Götz

Diploma in Physics

Hermann Götz holds a diploma in Physics and has a long standing expertise in microscopy. He worked in Prof. Duschner's department, who retired in 2013. During this time Hermann's work mainly focused on topics related to the visualization and characterization of biological hard tissues including bone, teeth and cartilage by several microscopic means including confocal laser scanning microscopy as well as scanning electron microscopy. One important research area was the visualization of engraftment of implants into bones - either after joint replacement surgeries or in the jaw. In this context, he was also involved in projects evaluating strategies to treat large bone defects, wherein effects of different scaffolds to improve growth and vascularization of newly formed bone were further studied.

Besides this he also has expertise in holistic microscopic techniques like Micro-CT used to visualize for example whole organ systems.

He joined Prof. Rajalingam's group in Summer 2018 and contributes with his expertise to the microscopic equipment already present in the group. Furthermore, he assists in setting up of the new core facility unit microscopy in the Paul-Klein-Center for Immune Intervention.


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