• 19.12.2022: A*STAR Research Attachment Programme" (ARAP), an international exchange program for PhD students with the renowned research organization Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore, was successfully initiated.
  • 11.10.2022: Our new study just published in Molecular Cancer unveils a hitherto unknown  BRAF kinase fusion in a patient with Hashimoto thyroiditis and several druggable targets in papillary Thyroid Cancers (PTCs). This is accomplished by integrative multiomics analysis of a cohort of  PTC patients from our cancer center who scored negative for RAS and BRAF. This DKH, FZI and  CRC1292 (TP05)  funded study exemplifies the translational biomedicine research happening at UMC-Mainz. We thank the patients who volunteered for this study and congratulations to all the authors !!


  • 17.05.2021: Successful foundation of KHR Biotech, a spin-off aiming to develop innovative therapeutics for cancer treatment. KHR Biotech is a joint venture project with the company Indivumed GmbH!


  • 17.10.2020: Recent publication in "Cancer Gene Therapy"! A new study from CBU identified a critical role for the understudied , atypical MAPK ERK3 in controlling KRAS-mediated Non small cell lung carcinomas. KRAS is one of the most frequently mutated oncogenes and mechanisms driving tumourigenesis mediated by this oncogene have been intensively studied. Our new work demonstrated that the kinase activity of ERK3 is required for KRAS-mediated NSCLCs thus prompting development of ERK3 specific inhibitors. To read the full story click here


  • 05.04.19: We are Leica Reference Center. For the German press release please click here