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Overview of master programme (120 ECTS)

The master programme (120 ECTS) is aimed at those with a bachelor’s degree from the areas of the natural and social sciences, mathematics and informatics. They receive an in-depth scientific education in epidemiology and biostatistics. Added teaching on scientific works and on scientific communication is offered.

Admission criteria

  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree in the area of:
  1. Natural sciences    
  2. Mathematics
  3. Informatics
  4. Social sciences
  5. Health sciences

    with a minimum grade of “good” (=2.5) or an equivalent degree from a university in Germany or abroad.

  • Good English language skills.


Online registration via the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz using the following  link.

Course of studies (master programme, 120 ECTS)


Module manual and module plan