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IT Services

The Institute for Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Informatics offers the following services in the areas of data processing and information technology:

  • Secure Internet access for the University Hospital (firewall system)


In order to guarantee Internet access for the hospital while blocking security risks as much as possible, the IMBEI has established and maintained a firewall system and a DNS name server since 1996.

  • Consultation on questions concerning data protection and data security
  • The interactive, electronic tumour notification system of the University Hospital
  • WWW editing for varying organisations


The range of services within the specialty areas administered by the IMBEI used to be organised on the WWW server of the ZDV. This was replaced by the by the web pages of the University Hospital in 2009.

Furthermore, the IMBEI operates its own servers, on which the www services/tools of the State Cancer Registry, the Rhineland Palatinate Tumour Centre, the German Childhood Cancer Registry and other organisations are housed.