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Postgraduate Master Programme (part-time)

Due to its modular construction, the postgraduate master programme (60 ECTS) can be completed while holding a job. It offers an in-depth scientific education in epidemiology and biostatistics for (junior) scientists from the fields of medicine and the natural and social sciences. 

The teaching language of the Master programme is English.

Qualification and degree

For the qualification "Population Studies" students will have to choose 2 topics from the focus area Population Studies in the elective module. The third and fourth topic can be chosen either from focus area Population Studies or from focus area Clinical Research. 

For the qualification "Clinical Research" students will have to choose 2 topics from the focus area Clinical Research in the elective module. The third and fourth topic can be chosen either from focus area Clinical Research or from focus area Population Studies. 

After successfully completing the master programme the degree „Master of Science in Epidemiology, Qualification Population Studies” or respectively “Master of Science in Epidemiology, Qualification Clinical Research” will be awarded. 

Admission criteria

 Completed degree, minimum of 240 ECTS points (= 4 years of full-time study) in:

  • Medicine
  • Natural sciences  
  • Social sciences
  • Other specialty academic programmes

  • Higher education entrance qualification        
  • A minimum of three years’ professional experience in a specialty area
  • Successful completion of an aptitude test
  • Adequate English language skills


The next student intake will be in October 2024.

 Deadline for registration: 31 July 2024

 You may find all relevant registration details here:

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for students that register for the entire programme: €7000. (payment is possible in instalments)

Tuition fees for guest students:

  • 2.100 € for a core module
  • 630 € for an elective module
  • 117 € on a per day basis

Bank account: 

Holder: EU-MSE-Studiengang
IBAN: DE64 5535 0010 1029 1520 04
Bank: Rheinhessen Sparkasse Mainz
Purpose: Account number 98244, Masterstudiengang Epidemiologie

Course of studies (postgraduate students)


EU-Master Certificate: "European Master of Science in Epidemiology"

The Master programme in Mainz offers students the opportunity to obtain a Master's degree by taking courses at different institutions of the European network and accumulating ECTS points according to the European Credit Transfer System.

The additional certificate "European Master of Science in Epidemiology" is awarded if a student achieves 6 ECTS points by successfully passing two courses at different partner universities outside the country of the enrolled university. Tuition fees vary depending on the regulations there. For special conditions at the partner universities Utrecht please contact your coordinator.

Homepage Utrecht

Other German and European universities offering courses in epidemiology.

Module manual and module plan