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PhD project


General requirements for advising doctoral students of the University Medicine at the IMBEI are

  • Successful registration of the doctoral thesis at the dean's office
  • Filled out registration form (Pdf-file, 161,5 KB)please note that you send the form WITHOUT active content! 
  • Proof of participation in the SPSS course
  • Preparation of a synopsis (must be emailed to the statistical advisor three days prior to the first advising session).

Basic knowledge of statistical methods as taught in cross-section Q1 (may require review of lecture notes or appropriate literature, e.g. Schumacher/Schulgen: Methodik klinischer Studien, Springer, Berlin 2006, or statistical series "Bewertung wissenschaftlicher Publikationen" from the German Medical Journal is appropriate).   

Registration and appointments

Registration for statistical consulting or for one of the SPSS courses is done centrally by  mail ( Mail) or by telephone at 06131 39-38791 via Ms. Peschel.


Important notes

  • Consultations take place digitally or in person by arrangement with your consultant.
  • Telephone consultations and consultations via email are generally not scheduled.
  • Submission of the dissertation to the Dean's Office prior to submission is mandatory if IMBEI or IMBEI staff are mentioned in the dissertation.
  • Consultations are held only on specific days of the week. The scheduling of all consultation appointments is done centrally. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it in good time.
  • We will do our best to make follow-up appointments with the same advisor available to you, but we cannot guarantee this, especially in case of scheduling problems.
  • The data collection is done by the doctoral students. The doctoral student or the respective supervisor of the doctoral student is also responsible for the correctness of the data, data backup and data protection. The minimum requirement for the data format can be found in the leaflet Recommendations for the structure and collection of data.

Data analysis is carried out independently by the doctoral students, e.g. using SPSS. Students also have the possibility to apply for an account at the ZDV (Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung) of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, which allows access to the terminal servers there and thus the use of SPSS.