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New article by the Stroh lab on in vivo juxtacellular recordings combined with two-photon optogenetics in the mouse visual cortex (Fu et al. iScience 2021).

New review article by Eric Jacobi and Jakob von Engelhardt lab on the information processing by AMPAR auxiliary subunits (Jacobi and von Engelhardt J. Physiol. 2021).

New study from Muhammad Aslam from the von Engelhardt lab on rare genetic variants in families with seemingly GBA-associated Parkinson’s disease (Aslam et al. npj Genom. Med. 2021).


New collaborative study from Johanna Meichsner and Jakob von Engelhardt from Mainz and the group of Konstantin Khodosevich from Copenhagen ( Khodosevich group) - Pfisterer et al. Nat Commun 2020.


New study from the Stüttgen lab on the role of auditory cortex in adaptive behavior (link).


New study from Felipe Aedo-Jury from the Stroh-Lab on the impact of changes in functional connectivity on current brain state, especially on the generation of slow waves (link).

Aedo-Jury et al. 2020 eLife -  Brain states govern the spatio-temporal Dynamics of resting-state functional connectivity


We are happy to announce that Prof. Dr. Jakob von Engelhardt won the 2019/2020 teaching award of the University Medical Centre of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Link). 07-2019

New DFG grant for Maik Stüttgen on "Understanding decision criterion learning: From signal detection theory to neural implementation".


New paper from Vanya Stoilova (Stüttgen lab) elucidating the neuronal substrates of adaptive reward-tracking in rats (Link).


New paper from Beate Knauer (Stüttgen lab) describing a technical approach for investigating the effects of single-cell stimulation on the local cortical network (Link).


New review article from Jakob von Engelhardt on CKAMP-family AMPA auxiliary proteins (Link).


New study from Isabelle Arnoux from the Stroh lab on Metformin treatment in early stages of Huntington's disease (Pressemitteilung der Unimedizin, Link to the article)

  • Arnoux et al. 2018 eLife - Metformin reverses early cortical network dysfunction and behavior changes in Huntington's disease


Jun.-Prof. Maik Stüttgen of the Institute of Pathophysiology is one of this year's awardees of the Gutenberg Teaching Award (Link).


We are happy to announce that the paper  from Xufeng Chen from the von Engelhardt lab on CKAMP44 (Link) was chosen as "Paper of the Month" by the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft (DPG)


New study from Xufeng Chen from the von Engelhardt lab on CKAMP44 (Link).

  • Chen et al. 2018 Nat. Commun. - CKAMP44 modulates integration of visual inputs in the lateral geniculate nucleus