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New study from Isabelle Arnoux from the Stroh lab on Metformin treatment in early stages of Huntington's disease (Pressemitteilung der Unimedizin, Link to the article)

  • Arnoux et al. 2018 eLife - Metformin reverses early cortical network dysfunction and behavior changes in Huntington's disease



Jun.-Prof. Maik Stüttgen of the Institute of Pathophysiology is one of this year's awardees of the Gutenberg Teaching Award (Link).



We are happy to announce that the paper  from Xufeng Chen from the von Engelhardt lab on CKAMP44 (Link) was chosen as "Paper of the Month" by the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft (DPG)



New study from Xufeng Chen from the von Engelhardt lab on CKAMP44 (Link).

  • Chen et al. 2018 Nat. Commun. - CKAMP44 modulates integration of visual inputs in the lateral geniculate nucleus