Scientific Events

Scientific events like the Mini-Symposium in Translational Oncology (MiTraC) aim at providing a platform to enhance the scientific exchange between clinicians, basic scientists, postdocs and students involved in cancer research at the UCT Mainz and its research network in and around Mainz. 

The annual DKTK Rhein-Main Cancer Retreat is organized together with the UCT Frankfurt to give an update about the DKTK projects the different groups are working on. Moreover, the UCT Mainz serves as co-organizer of a seminar series on cancer immunotherapy primarily organized by either FZI or TRON (Google Calendar Mainz Seminars). For high-school graduates, the UCT Mainz along with the UMM organizes the annual "Summer University Immunology & Biomedicine" allowing students to gain insight into up-to-date research projects. Furthermore, the UCT Mainz is present at the Mainz Science Market with hands-on activities on cancer topics.

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Mini-Symposium in Translational Oncology (MiTraC)


In this Mini-Symposium series, we aim to address important and topical areas of cancer research linked to translational oncology - with kind support from Merck Healthcare KGaA.

This symposium provides us with the opportunity to invite outstanding medical and clinician-scientists to come to Mainz and present novel findings, techniques and ideas. Within this compact format, we also offer the possibility to meet selected speakers working at the current edge of knowledge in cancer treatment and research.