Research Infrastructure

Shared resources, primarily coordinated and / or administered by the UCT Mainz include the Clinical Cancer Registry, the central Clinical Trials Unit, the IZKS Mainz and the liquid and tissue Tumor Bank
UCT Mainz investigators have access to all shared intramural resources required to perform high-quality research. These include, among others, a Flow Cytometry Core Facility, a Protein Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility, a Next-Generation-Sequencing Core Facility, an Imaging Core Facility (LEICA reference center), a Translational Animal Research Center (TARC), a Bioinformatics Core Facility (BIUM-Mz) and a Systematic Cell Analysis (CSA) Core Facility. Each core facility provides training and continuing education for beginners as well as adanced users. A GMP-laboratory for the manufacturing of cell products, including depletion and / or selection of hemopoietic and lymphoid cell populations and, potentially, the generation of genetically modified (CARs, TCRs) T cells is available. The laboratory is licensed by local and state authorities and accredited by JACIE. Although these laboratory Core Facilities are operated by individual institutions, timely access for UCT Mainz investigators is guaranteed. 
Extramural Core Facilities are further available at the Institute of Molecular Biology (Genomic, Proteomics, Bioinformatics Core Facilities) and the Institute of Organismic and Molecular Evolution (Genomic Core Facility).