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Research Training Programs

Clinician and Medical Scientist Program

Since 2016 the UCT Mainz Clinician and Medical Scientist Program is integrated in the Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed). TransMed offers a training curriculum with maximum flexibility for both clinician and medical scientists. For all trainees, the TransMed program provides an individual curriculum with training modules for basic scientific skills including lab-based research rotations and transferable skills. All fellowships consist of a 2-3 year program (depending of the training level). The hosting institutions commit themselves to allow the fellows to dedicate at least 12 months protected time solely to research. All trainees at all stages experience dual mentoring by a clinician and a medical scientist. For women in science a specialized mentoring program is available (MeMentUM). In 2016 – 2019, 15 clinician scientists and 74 medical scientists participated in the TransMed training program and 20 international doctoral candidates received their PhD within the framework of the international PhD-MD/PhD program. The UCT Mainz clinician scientist program to support motivated physicians dedicated to cancer research was established in close collaboration with TransMed and specialized oncology training sessions (oncology class, oncology lab seminar, interdisciplinary molecular- pathology-oncology seminar) have been set up. Further, the UCT Mainz strongly supports rotations of medical scientists in clinical trials units and oncology departments. Since 2016, eight clinician scientists were funded by the UCT Mainz and 11 TransMed fellows participated in the UCT Mainz training program. In 2019, the UCT Mainz successfully applied for the Else Kröner-Research College focusing on the pathogenesis and progression liver cancer.

Master's Degree Programs

The UCT Mainz supports Master's Degree Programs aiming at enabling optimal training in translational cancer medicine, such as the Master's degree in Biomedicine, in Epidemiology and in Medical Ethics as well as the international Master's degree in Biomedicine

Overall training of MD candidates and physicians

Overall training of MD candidates and physicians, either as clinical or physician scientists, is well-established at the UMM. Lots of MD candidates complete their thesis in topics covering either basic scientific or clinical topics and work on their project embedded in various training programs such as DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) every year.

Further training programs

Further training programs in part covering cancer research include the Virchow Fellowship-Program of the Center of Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH), the Integrated Research Training Group of the CRC 1292, and the International PhD Programme (IPP) of the IMB.

Seminars and Educational Days

The UCT Mainz serves as co-organizer of a seminar series on cancer immunotherapy primarily organized by either FZI or TRON.  The UCT Mainz Science Day aims at providing a platform to enhance the scientific exchange between clinicians, basic scientists, postdocs and students involved in cancer Research. To provide education programs for high-school graduates, the UCT Mainz along with the UMM organizes the annual "Summer University Immunology & Biomedicine" allowing students to gain insight into up-to-date research projects. Furthermore the UCT Mainz is present at the Mainz Science Market with hands-on activities on cancer topics.