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Curriculum vitae Prof. Müller

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner E. G. Müller
ERC Advanced Grant Investigator

1977 till now

University-Professor, Institute for Physiol. Chemistry, Mainz University

1979 – 1992

Head of the Department "Applied Molecular Biology", Institute for Physiological Chemistry, University of Mainz

1975 – 1976

Sabbaticals, Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial International Cancer Study Grant, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. (Prof. F.J. Bollum) USA

1977 and 1982

Research visitor at the Institute of Microbial Chemistry (Prof. Dr. H. Umezawa), Tokyo, Japan.


Visiting professor at the National Cancer Research Institute (Prof. T. Sugimura; Dr. S. Nishimura; Dr. Y. Kuchino), Tokyo, Japan.


Visiting professor (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science), Graduate School of Medicine (Prof. H. Ushijima), University of Tokyo.

Research fields

My research activities focus on:

  • Molecular evolution of marine invertebrates (sponges)
  • Enzymatic mechanism of biomineralization processes (biosilicification, biocalcification and bone hydroxy apatite formation)

  • Marine biotechnology and identification/characterization of marine bioactive molecules

  • Mode of action of bioactive compounds with antitumor, antiviral, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory activities

  • Development of novel applications of the enzymes/proteins involved in biomineral formation in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine

  • Development and application of phosphate polymers (inorganic polyphosphates)

  • Development of novel strategies for regenerative therapy, bone and cartilage repair, wound healing, and 3D printing of tissue/scaffold materials/implants

Activities in the scientific community, honors, awards

Since 2019

Panel Member in the ERC Advanced Grants evaluation panel


Doctor honoris causa (Dr. h.c.), University of Pula, CroatiaPanel Member in the ERC Advanced Grants evaluation panel


President of IMBA (International Marine Biotechnology Association)


Guest professor at Tsinghua University Beijing


Holder of an ERC Advanced Grant


Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Geosciences


Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Member of the Belarus Medical Academy


Member of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts


Member of the Akademie gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften zu Erfurt [Senat]


Friendship Award, the P.R. China's highest award for foreign experts


Selection of his Center of Excellence “BIOTECmarin – Biomaterials from the Sea” as a “Landmark” in the national campaign “Germany - Land of Ideas”


Spiridion Brusina Medal from the Croatian Society of Geneticists


Innovation Prize of the Federal State Rheinland-Pfalz


Award for Science and Research, Croatian Academy of Science


Res. Award from "International Human Frontier Science Program"


Research Award of the University of Zagreb


Kani-Medal of the Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Res.; Tokyo


Institute Ruder Boškovic-Medal in Gold; Zagreb


Max-Bürger Award for Gerontology


J.-G.-Zimmermann Award for Excellence in Cancer Research


Boehringer Award for Excellence in Pathophysiology Research

since 1970

Editor or member of the Editorial Boards of a series of Journals and Book Series (e.g., Nucleic Acids Research; Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology [Editor-in-Chief]; Mechanism of Ageing and Development [Editor-in-Chief]; Cellular and Molecular Biology [Co-Editor]; Biomedical Materials [Board member])

Project coordination:
Coordinator of numerous international (EU) and national projects, among them the German Center of Excellence “BIOTECmarin” and the ongoing EU FP7 projects “BlueGenics” (large-scale integrating project) on exploiting marine genomics for nano-biomedical applications (such as the therapy of osteoporosis), “Bio-Scaffold” (rapid prototyping/3D printing in bone tissue engineering) and the ERC Advanced Investigator grant project “BIOSILICA” and the three ERC Proof-of-Concept projects Si-Bone-PoC (development of biosilica-based approaches for treatment of bone diseases), MorphoVES-PoC (development artificial blood vessels) and ArthroDUR (development of morphogenetically active cartilage implants)

> 1200 peer reviewed publications [Hirsch index: 84 (ISI Web of Knowledge)]