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The TransMed Curriculum

JGU Mainz offers several graduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of biomedicine, including master and PhD programs as well as DFG research training groups. Since courses that cover overlapping topics and teaching modules of one curriculum may also be of interest for students in another program, TransMed integrates and coordinates these programs, thus providing a common umbrella structure for biomedical education in Mainz.

The TransMed Training Program consists of

  • a Pre-TransMed phase (addressing teaching in academic biomedicine in medical school during e.g. during acquisition of the "Dr. med." within the MAInzDoc Graduate School for Medical Students),
  • a Core-TransMed phase (with fellowships for both MD/PhD and PhD candidates performing projects in biomedical translational science within a structured, mentor-based program), and
  • a Post-TransMed phase (providing aid in obtaining first third-party funding, during PostDoc phases and/or while submitting the habilitation thesis).

180 Credit points are required to obtain the TransMed Certificate:

  • 150 CP for the research work (thesis; 36 months)
  • 20 CP for technical training and interdisciplinary education
  • 10 CP for multidisciplinary skills (transferable skills)

0.1 TransMed credit point is equivalent to 45 minutes of attendance.



Mailing address:

University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz


Office address:

Dr. Petra M. Schwarz
Managing Program Coordinator
Bldg. 907, Room 01-214

Tel +49 6131 17-9149


Lina Heck
Research Assistant
Bldg. 907, Room 01-216

Tel +49 6131 17-7632