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European network of population-based registries for the epidemiological surveillance of congenital anomalies

The objectives of EUROCAT

  • To provide essential epidemiological information on congenital anomalies in Europe.
  • To facilitate the early warning of new teratogenic exposures.
  • To act as an information and resource center for the population, health professionals and managers regarding clusters or exposures or risk factors of concern.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of primary prevention.
  • To assess the impact of developments in prenatal screening.
  • To provide a ready collaborative network and infrastructure for research related to the causes and prevention of congenital anomalies and the treatment and care of affected children.
  • To act as a catalyst for the setting up of registries throughout Europe collecting comparable, standardised data.

E-Mail:  JRC-EUROCAT@ec.europa.eu

President of the EUROCAT Association:
Amanda Neville (Italy), (2016-2021)

Registro IMER - IMER Registry (Emila Romagna Registry of Birth Defects),
Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research, University of Ferrara
Azienda Ospedaliero- Universitaria di Ferrara
Corso Giovecca, 203
44121 Ferrara (Italy)