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UROmediCAT is a European research consortium dedicated to improving medication safety in pregnancy. Its aim is to build a European system for the evaluation of safety of medication use in pregnancy in relation to the risk of congenital anomalies. The EUROmediCAT consortium started work on 1 March 2011 with financial support provided by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program (grant agreement HEALTH-F5-2011-260598). This initial funding was for 4 years duration. It was established as a daughter project to EUROCAT (European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies. Information about achievements of EUROmediCAT 2011-2015 can be found under FP7 EUROmediCAT. Since then, EUROmediCAT has diversified its funding sources, as can be seen under EUROmediSAFE and Current Research Projects and is working to establish sustainable infrastructure funding.

Prof Joan Morris
E-Mail:  jmorris@sgul.ac.uk

EUROmediCAT Steering Group (EMSG) members as of April 2019
Joan Morris (President - 1 year term)Christine Damase-Michel (Vice President - 1 year term)
Helen Dolk (Principal Investigator of ConcePTION, April 2019 - March 2024)
Ester Garne (representative of EUROCAT Coding and Classification Committee)Sue Jordan (representative of participating healthcare databases or birth cohorts - 2 year term)
Maria Loane (EUROmediCAT central database manager)Amanda Neville (representative of EUROCAT Management Committee - 2 year term)
Anke Rissman (representative of EUROCAT registries - 2 year term)Hedvig Nordeng (representative of Scandanavian countries - 2 year term)