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Virchow Fellows

Bochenek, PhD
Magdalena Bochenek, PhD
Position: Post Doc, Laboratory for „Translational Vascular Biology“

06131 17-8026

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Brandt, MD
Jan Moritz Brandt, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I, Virchow-Fellow

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PhD Dörr
Angela Dörr, PhD
Position: Post Doc, Virchow Fellow

06131 17-8028

Falter, PhD
Tanja Falter, PhD
Position: Physician Dept. Med. III, Virchow Fellow

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PD Claudine Graf, MD PhD
Position: Junior group leader
Physician UCT Mainz
Qualifications: Specialist in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, Additional qualification: Palliative Care, Hemostaseology

06131 17-8014 (Office) bzw. -8027 (Lab)

Klok, MD, PhD
Frederikus (Erik) Klok, MD, PhD
Position: Professor of Internal Medicine
Leiden University Medical School, NL
Guest scientist

Knorr, MD
Maike Knorr, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I, Virchow Fellow

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PhD Marini
Federico Marini, PhD
Position: Scientist, IMBEI
Virchow Fellow

06131 17-8108

MD Molitor
Michael Molitor, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I
Virchow Fellow, CTH

06131 17-8036

Müller-Calleja, PhD
Nadine Müller-Calleja, PhD
Position: Post Doc, Virchow Fellow

06131 17-5083 oder 17-2606

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Ponto, MD
Katharina Ponto, MD
Position: Virchow Fellow / Medical Specialist for Ophthalmology / Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO)

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MD Schmidgen
Maria Isabel Schmidgen, MD
Position: Post Doc, Physician, Virchow Fellow

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Schnorbus, MD
Boris Schnorbus, MD
Position: Virchow Fellow,
Physician Cardiology I

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Steven, MD
Sebastian Steven, MD
Position: Virchow Fellow/Physician Cardiology I

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Clinical Epidemiology Fellowship

Prochaska, MD
Jürgen Prochaska, MD
Position: Junior group leader
Deputy Head Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention, Senior Physician Cardiology I

06131 17-2594

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MD, MSc, PhD Panova-Noeva
Marina Panova-Noeva, MD, MSc, PhD
Position: Junior group leader

06131 17-6050


  • Dr. rer. physiol. Isabella Zwiener
  • Dr. med. Selina Muxel
  • Dr. rer. nat. Maren Lillich