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Platform 7

Coordination and Support Team „Biodata Banking“

In last years, biodata banking gained more and more scientific impact. Biodata banking is a central stimulus for translational research at the CTH. Planning and organization of large-scale biodata banking is comprehensive and the more complex the larger study cohorts and the more varieties of materials to be asserved. The platform Coordination and Support Team “Biodata Banking” is available for all internal and external scientists and supports these in planning, conducting, organization and usage of biodata banking projects. Standardized and quality controlled processes are essential for the establishment and operation of this platform.

The platform is conducted by the Clinical Epidemiology and supervised by 
Marina Panova-Noeva, PhD, MSc and scientifically coordinated by Professor Philipp Wild, MD, M.Sc. The platform possesses resources on medical documentation, data management, and sample preparation. Therefore, elaboration of documentation and establishment of documentation masks, sample preparation and optimization of workflows and quality control can be supported. Standardization of sample collection of different materials and data will be continuously improved. Further focus is the establishment and organization of multi-central biodata banking projects.

Scientific Platform Coordinator

Wild, MD, MSc
Professor Philipp Wild, MD, MSc
Position: Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention, Professorship „Clinical Epidemiology“, Coordinator Gutenberg Health Study (GHS), Principal Investigator Deutsches Zentrum für Herz-Kreislaufforschung (DZHK)

Scientific Supervisor „Early Clinical Translation“

MD, MSc, PhD Panova-Noeva
Marina Panova-Noeva, MD, MSc, PhD
Position: Junior group leader

06131 17-6050

Scientific Supervisor „Biodata Assessment, Quality and Privacy“