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Platform 6

Biostatistics / Bioinformatics

The different types of research in the CTH modules A, B, and C require a very broad spectrum of statistical techniques for optimal planning of studies and analysis of results. For example, this includes techniques for complex endpoints in clinical and epidemiological studies, but also techniques from the area of statistical bioinformatics for molecular markers or statistical techniques for a laboratory setting. The Platform Biostatistics offers a central point for getting access to all the techniques, including hands-on statistical support in specific projects. An additional focus is on improving statistical qualification of CTH scientists, including courses, but also short-term availability for resolving statistical questions. 

Projects supported by the platform

  • CTH-Study HoT-PE
  • ProfessorshipKonstantinides
  • Professorship Ruf
  • Professorship Wild
  • Junior Group Lankeit
  • Virchow Fellowship Ponto, Schnorbus

Scientific Platform Coordinator

Dr. Irene Schmidtmann
Dr. Irene Schmidtmann

Scientist, IMBEI

06131 17-3951


PhD Federico Marini
PhD Federico Marini

Scientist, IMBEI

Virchow Fellow

06131 17-8108