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Platform 3

Platelet Function

Beside their central role in haemostasis and thrombosis platelets are crucially involved in inflammation, arteriosclerosis, angiogenesis, anti-microbial host defense and hematogenous tumour growth/metastasis. The integrity of platelet function is a prerequisite for intact haemostasis but it enables also efficient interaction with other blood and vascular cells leading to functional crosstalk of the interacting partners. Platelets bind to leukocytes und form together heterocellular conjugates in the blood circulation which present a cellular and functional link between the haemostasis and inflammation system.


Ex vivo detection of human platelet-monocyte conjugates in the peripheral blood by flow cytometry (dot plot presentation of single cells and cell-conjugates) and fluorescence microscopy.





Specific platelet function tests provide useful tools for the research of platelet biology and defects, for the clinical diagnosis of platelet-related disorders, for monitoring of haemostatic therapy and individualizing treatment. In addition to the traditional test of platelet aggregometry this platform laboratory provides modern methods to study in detail the

  • Activation and functional capacity of single platelets (flow cytometry)
  • Platelet-dependent thrombin generation/ coagulation (calibrated automated thrombography)
  • Interaction of platelets with other blood / vascular cells, migration and dynamics of thrombus formation in real time under flow (integrated BioFlux-flow chamber system)
  • Platelet protein composition and posttranslational modifications (LC-MS-based quantitative platelet proteomics and phospho-proteomics in collaboration with Leibniz – Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e.V., Dortmund). 

This platform laboratory provides the feasibility for CTH-associated and external collaboration partners to apply modern ex vivo/in vitro methods for research and clinical studies in the field of human/murine platelet phenotyping and function analysis.


In addition, the platform offers methods and expertise for specialized diagnostics of platelet function disorders in collaboration with the Thrombosis Clinic and Outpatient clinic for coagulopathies of the CTH.

Projects using the method



Scientific Platform Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Jurk
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Jurk

Principal Investigator

06131 17-8278


 Kathrin Groß (neé Schwierczek)
Kathrin Groß (neé Schwierczek)


06131 17-8296


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