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CTH Health Care Center

The CTH Health Care Center offers the opportunity to treat patients suffering from hemostatic or thrombotic disorders in a professional and interdisciplinary outpatient clinic on the highest medical level. The CTH forms the basis for translation-oriented research, especially clinical studies, health care research and care of patients with rare diseases.

The following centers belong to the CTH Health Care Center

  • Outpatient Clinic for hemostatic and thrombotic disorders
  • PH Center (focus on pulmonary hypertension)
  • Outpatient clinic for wound treatment (focus on wound healing)
  • Outpatient clinic for pulmonary embolism (focus on pulmonary embolism follow-up)

The central institutions of the CTH with clinical competence (Center for Cardiology, Department of Hematology, Oncology and Pneumology, Department of Dermatology, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) form the bridge to inpatient/general care and thus ensure an extensive medical attendance for thrombosis/hemostasis patients at the University Medical Center Mainz. The CTH aims to develop and represent reference character for care of thrombosis and hemostasis patients and thus wants to transport new health care models into clinics, private practices and health centers.



CTH Behandlungszentrum

Hemostaseology Board

The CTH case conference serves as an open forum to discuss special cases in the field of hemostaseology. Physicians from different areas present and discuss cases of patients with severe bleeding disorders as well as patients with thromboembolic complications. Furthermore, intensive care cases with complex coagulopathies are discussed. Young colleagues are trained and informed about complex hemostaseologic disorders as well as new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.