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Junior group 'Clinical Platelet Epidemiology'

Marina Panova-Noeva, MD, MSc, PhD

Group leader

The “Clinical Platelet Epidemiology”, a junior group in the department of Clinical Epidemiology at CTH, aims to introduce and establish epidemiological methodology on standardization of data and biomaterial assessment, and expertise in biostatistics integrating large-scale data sets with various data levels, to platelet research. The working program of the junior group focuses on the investigation of functional characteristics of platelets in patients with acute venous thromboembolism (VTE) and its interrelation with cancer as well as in survivors of both childhood and adult cancer. Generated new data will add evidence on the role of platelets in the pathogenesis of VTE and cancer and the potential application of platelet function tests to the ongoing search for the optimized models to predict vascular risk.

Research interest

  • Platelet phenotype in acute VTE
  • Platelet phenotype in cancer survivors at risk for cardiovascular diseases
  • Application of epidemiological methodology and standardization integrating large-scale data sets to platelet research

Partners of collaboration

Partners at the UMC Mainz: 
Prof. Philipp S. Wild, MD, MSc & Dr. Jürgen Prochaska, MD – Clinical Epidemiology, CTH
Professor Stavros Konstantinides and Dr. Mareike Lankeit – Clinical Trials, CTH 
Professor Ulrich Walter, Dr. Kerstin Jurk - Research Group Platelet Signaling, CTH 
Professor Wolfram Ruf, Dr. Sebastian Schubert - Platelet transcriptomics, CTH 
Professor Thomas Münzel, Center for Cardiology – Cardiology I
Professor Karl J. Lackner - Laboratory Medicine

European Partners: 
Prof. H. ten Cate, Dr. H. Spronk - Maastricht University, NL

Research funding

  • BMBF (CTH)_contract Nr: 01EO1503;
  • DFG (CVSS)_ contract Nr: WI 3881/2-2
  • Bayer (FOCUS BioSeq)_contract Nr: 0070/15
  • DZHK _Contract Nr: B18-008_ Cooperation with External Partners

Team - Junior group Clinical Platelet Epidemiology

MD, MSc, PhD Marina Panova-Noeva
MD, MSc, PhD Marina Panova-Noeva

Junior group leader

06131 17-6050

Thi Huong Lan Do - MD student

Bianca Wagner, M.Sc. – PhD student

Maren Paul – MD student

Miriam Michler-Abo Mustafa – MD student

Frederic Haydl – MD student
Data Management (Clinical Epidemiology)
Heidrun Lamparter (VTEval study)

Dr. Dagmar Laubert-Reh (GHS, CVSS)


Statistics (Clinical Epidemiology)
Andreas Schulz (GHS)

Markus Nagler (VTEval, CVSS) 

Guillin Wuise Kenmoe Tonlale – technical assistant

Original articles


Panova-Noeva M, Eggebrecht L, Prochaska JH, Wild PS. Potential of Multidimensional, Large-scale Biodatabases to Elucidate Coagulation and Platelet Pathways as an Approach towards Precision Medicine in Thrombotic Disease. Hamostaseologie 2019.