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Translational Research Projects

Flexible funds are essential for the development of new research infrastructures and will enable the CTH to respond to emerging and promising research areas in its strategic development towards a translational research center of excellence. In the final maturation and consolidation of the CTH following the interim review in 2017, the funds will primarily be used for specific projects and enabling technologies with a focus on innovative topics in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis. Scientists in the CTH and its supporting institutions can apply for these flexible funds to approach interdisciplinary projects between CTH Groups or with external collaborations. The program serves to stimulate high risk approaches, establishment of new disease models and research tools that will ultimately facilitate successful third party funding and promote the CTH nationally and internationally. Applications from CTH Junior Scientists are encouraged as an important component of the CTH career development concept. Flexible funds will also be important to provide adequate research support for new recruits of the CTH. The strategic development of the CTH not only depends on interactions within the UMC, but decisively on productive strategic alliances with national and international research centers and groups in the files. Funds for networking, visiting Professorships, and jointly organized meetings will be required to promote the CTH and its research program internationally.

TRP X6 Systems Biology

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ruf

TRP X7 Platelet Markers for Prothrombotic States

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ruf

Dr. Magdalena Bochenek

Prof. Dr. Andreas Daiber & Prof. Dr. Hartmut Kleinert

Dr. Stefano Barco & Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinhardt

Prof. Dr. Sven Danckwardt & Dr. Hans Christian Probst

Dr. Marina Panova-Noeva

Dr. Sebastian Steven & PD Dr. Markus Bosmann

Vincent ten Cate

PD Dr. Christian Becker

Dr. Verena Raker

Dr. Alexandra Grill

PD Dr. Kerstin Jurk

Prof. Dr. Huige Li

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinhardt 

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ruf & Prof. Dr. Philipp Wild

Prof. Dr. Katrin Schäfer & Dr. Magdalena Bochenek

Dr. Madhusudhan Thati

Dr. Angela Dörr & Dr. Federico Marini

Prof. Dr. Philipp Wild

Dr. Nadine Müller-Calleja & Anne Hollerbach

Prof. Dr. Philip Wenzel

Dr. Sarah Walachowski

Dr. Marina Panova-Noeva

Dr. Fatemeh Shahneh

Completed TRP projects

PD Christian Becker, PhD
PD Christian Becker, PhD

Principal Investigator

06131 17-2917

TRP Committee

PD Dr. Christian Becker

Dr. Stefano Barco

Prof. Huige Li

PD Kerstin Jurk

Dr. Susanne Karbach

Dr. Marina Panova-Noeva

Prof. Dr. Katrin Schäfer

Dr. Hanne Battermann (Administration)