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Oral Examination

  • The oral examination can take place at the earliest one week after the end of the display period and not later than two months after the end of the display period.

  • The doctoral candidate schedules the date of the oral examination with the five members of the examination committee and the secretary for the protocol. The secretary of protocol must be at least a postdoctoral researcher and can belong to the same research group/institute/department as the doctoral candidate.

  • The doctoral candidate must inform the Office of Doctoral Affairs about the exact date as soon as it has been set.

  • The Office of Doctoral Affairs appoints one of the five members of the examination committee as chairperson.

  • The doctoral candidate may choose between the language of the oral examination (German or English).

  • The oral examination lasts a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes.

  • The oral examination consists of the following assessments:

    • a presentation of the submitted dissertation and research project of at most 30 minutes open to all members of the university,
    • a defense of the research project and its scientific field in front of the examination committee.