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Advanced Interactive Data Visualization in Python (Online)

Course Description:

Interactive visualization is transforming the way we understand and communicate complex data in the biomedical field. Unlike static images, interactive plots allow viewers to explore, zoom, pan, and uncover nuanced insights that drive deeper understanding and more effective communication. In this advanced-level course, participants will be introduced to Plotly, a powerful library for creating dynamic visualizations.

This course will focus exclusively on Plotly for interactive data visualization and will not cover Plotly's Dash for web application development.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Plotly and its unique features
  • Creating various types of interactive plots including scatter, bar, and heatmaps
  • Exporting interactive graphs as standalone HTML files for easy sharing
  • Hands-on examples and exercises

Organizer: Dr. rer. nat. Shimpei Ishiyama, Institute of Pathophysiology, UMC

Target Audience: This course is designed for those scientists who are already comfortable with Python programming and will not cover elementary programming concepts.

Online Platform: MS TEAMS. Please check that your PC meets the requirements beforehand (microphone, camera, internet connection).  


  • Python Environment: Installing Python with essential libraries such as numpy, pandas, and plotly. Preferably using Anaconda.
  • Python Skills: Comfort with programming in Python and Jupyter Notebook, particularly in the areas of data analysis and visualization.
  • Data Handling: Basic understanding of Pandas DataFrames

Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Next date: TBA

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ishiyama directly via E-Mail: shimpei.ishiyama [at] uni-mainz.de

Registration Deadline: TBA

For the workshop 0.4 CP for transferable skills training can be credited. 


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