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Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics: Technology and Applications

Jun. Prof. Dr. Thierry Schmidlin, Dr. Boyao Zhang; Institute of Immunology, University Medical Center Mainz


  • Introduction

    • The clinical relevance of measuring small molecules
    • Typical compound coverage achieved by metabolomics, and their significance: e.g. endogenous metabolites (energy balance, anabolism/catabolism, signaling), exogenous compounds (ADME, xenobiotics, antigens)
    • Typical entry points of metabolomics in biochemical/medical research
    • Examples of successful metabolomics applications

  • Basics of MS based Metobolomics

    • Introduction to LC-MS/MS technology
    • Levels of information obtained from chromatography, MS and MS/MS
    • Strategies to infer chemical/biological information from these datasets

  • Planning an experiment

    • Strategies for successful experiment design (targeted metabolomics, metabolic profiling, flux analysis)
    • Dos and don'ts in MS sample preparation
    • Key aspects to be considered such as analyte stability, measurement sensitivity, preanalytical consideration, best extraction procedures, compatibility of metabolomics with various experiment- and sample types (e.g. FACS, FFPE)

  • Data analysis and interpretation

    • Basic data analysis strategies: how to best proceed after obtaining a dataset
    • Distilling biological information from MS data and designing follow up experiments

  • Q&A

Methodology: Lectures and practical demonstrations in two small working groups

Target audience: Doctoral candidates, clinician scientists, postdoctoral researchers

Preparation: There is room to cover specific additional topics if required – please send your requests to TransMed two weeks in advance. 

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Next workshop: TBA

TransMed Creditpoints: 0,8 in scientific skills