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Profiling and Positioning in Networks - Visibility as a Career Booster

Workshop description:

Networking is the most effective method for career advancement! It works by building relationships and talking to people who can help you explore career options and goals. Studies show that 70% to 90% of satisfying positions inside and outside of academia are found through appealing profiling and positioning in the network. A network of established relationships provides information, professional support, feedback, and even new job opportunities. The right internal and external network contacts and collaboration partners can facilitate work processes by encouraging and motivating you. In short: a functioning and lively network can increase joy and satisfaction and thus motivation at work.
In this modular workshop with a blended-learning-approach, you will get relevant information about networking and how to achieve visibility in relevant professional fields.

Workshop Goals and Topics:

  • PreWork: Self-reflection (self-perception) & feedback (external perception) on one's own network role as a starting point for networking + visualization of your existing network
  • Module I: Interactive workshop

    • Gaining an understanding about the connection between career goals and the role of networks
    • Understanding the importance of visibility -> profiling & positioning in communities
    • Getting insights on typical onsite and online network settings and related opportunities
    • Defining categories of network contacts
    • Reflecting on the relevance of gender dynamics
    • Recognizing visibility traps and getting ideas for their constructive handling

  • Module II: Preparation of an individual coaching topic related to networking
  • Module III: Small group coaching sessions with up to 4 participants at a time
    ⇒ Best practice approach: Developing an individual real-life network strategy related to important personal goals

Methods & Approaches:

  • Blended-Learning-Approach: Alternating asynchronous and synchronous working modules
  • Group Coaching & one-on-one coaching elements
  • Self-reflection & feedback
  • Interactive exercises & exchange, small group work (in breakout rooms)
  • Transferring theory into practice by reflection on your own behavior
  • Receiving ideas and feedback vis-à-vis building your career

Target audience:
Doctoral candidates at a later stage. B2-Knowledge of English is required.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Next Workshop and venue: TBA

For the workshop, 1 CP for transferable skills training can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
Bldg. 907, Room 01-212
University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Tel. +49 6131 17-7631