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Introduction to RNA-Seq and NGS

Within this course, a basic introduction of RNA sequencing will be provided, covering bulk RNA-Seq for gene expression analysis, as well as single cell RNA-Seq and fusion gene detection. We will detail the workflow from RNA sample to analyzed data and give practical examples of data analysis and visualization.

Organizer and trainers from: TRON, University Medical Center Mainz


  • Introduction to RNA-Seq and molecular biology background

    • sample preparation, library preparation
    • sequencing (Illumina)
    • computation of expression values
    • differential expression & functional analysis
    • application example
    • Q&A

  • Single Cell RNA-Seq and Spatial Transcriptomics 

    • sample preparation, library preparation
    • differences to bulk RNA-seq
    • data analysis
    • application example
    • Q&A

  • Fusion gene detection

    • overview
    • principle of detection from NGS data
    • application example
    • Q&A

Methodology: Theoretical and practical input by the trainer by showing examples.

Target audience: TransMed Fellows (doctoral candidates, postdocs and clinician scientists)

Maximum number of participants: 30

Next workshop: TBA

Venue: TBA

For the workshop 0.5 CP for scientific skills training can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
Bldg. 907, Room 01-212
University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Tel. +49 6131 17-7631