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Methods for designing and analyzing human MRI studies

This updated 4-day course organized by the Neuroimaging Center (NIC) combines theory (morning lectures) and practical PC sessions in small groups (afternoon). There are 2 user-levels. Day 1 and 2 are for beginners and day 3 and 4 for advanced users.

1. get an overview of human MRI applications with a focus on functional imaging
2. understand the basic principles of fMRI design and analysis
3. be prepared for in-depth methods courses elsewhere (e.g., Hamburg or London SPM course). 

Maximum number of participants: 12 (first come, first serve)

Next workshops: - For advanced users: - Venue: to be announced. 

Registration to:  nic-course-human-MRI-Studies@unimedizin-mainz.de
Dr. Kenneth Yuen, Tel: 06131/17-6130
Please indicate your field of research, your user-level (advanced/beginner) and which days you want to participate.

>> More information (Pdf-Datei, 337,3 KB)

TransMed CP: 1.8 CP for beginners and 1.4 CP for advanced users