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Biosketch and clinical research focus

Markus Moehler is Head of GI Oncology, Senior Physician Gastroenterology & Endosonography Head at the Mainz University Clinic.  

After studies at Heidelberg and Yeshiva University, New York, and his MD supervised by nobel prize lauteate Prof. zur Hausen, he was a 2-years-postDoc at German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ Heidelberg.

In 2005, he made his PhD, became Professor, Gastroenterologist and Senior Consultant for Gastrointestinal (GI) Oncology. Since 2009, he is continuously responsible for the organization and annual up-date of the national-wide S3 Guideline for diagnosis and treatment if esophagogastric cancer in Germany.

Apart from membership in important German Medical Associations (AIO, DKG, DGVS, DGHO, Gene therapy group etc), he is active member of EORTC, ESMO and ASCO.

As DKFZ alumnus and member of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) clinical trial group, he created and participates in joint research platforms with the DKFZ, AIO etc. (e.g. projects with Jean Rommelaere and Niels Halama).

Markus Moehler spans his research of translation from basic research to first-in-man and proof-of-concept IIT trials, mostly with the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical trials, IZKS, Mainz or IKF Frankfurt.

For the Mainz University Clinic, AIO and EORTC, he as independent sponsor representative organized > 15 mostly randomized investigator initiated (IIT) phase I-III trials on advanced GI cancers.

Thus, he is continuously involved in the development of new targeted and immune therapeutic agents, particularly checkpoint or stem cell inhibitors and corresponding innovative biomarker programs.

Herein, he has long-standing scientific and clinical research collaborations, documented by joint research funding (e.g. HORIZON2020 or the BMBF-funded Innovation Cluster in immune intervention Ci3), publications, patents and harmonized structures including bio-sampling, clinical trials and data management within EORTC and AIO.

In his lab with three continuously funded biologists/post-Docs, Markus Moehler is mentor for a 3-year clinical scientist (2020-2022) grant of the Else-Kroner Foundation.

As active member of the Research Center of Immunotherapy (FZI) in its own research building in Mainz, he is also dedicated to establishing novel cancer immunotherapies with the Translational Oncology Institute (TRON) and the company Biontech in Mainz.

From Nov 2020 to end 2022, he will chair the EORTC GITCG group.