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  • 10.2023. Application of Immunotherapy in the treatment of NSCLC: Ethical perspectives on the cost-effectiveness justification and evaluation, Institute of Translational Immunology ERA PerMed Mini-Symposium, Universitätsmedizin Mainz
  • 08.2023. Ethical Perspectives on the Traditional Cost-effectiveness Evaluation: Application of Immunotherapy in the Treatment of NSCLC, 35th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine & Health Care :Methods in Bioethics and Philosophy of Medicine, Riga, Lettland
  • 04.2021. Resilience in Times of Economic Boom and Bust: A Narrative Study, Leibniz center for resilience studies, university medical center Mainz.
  • 05.2019. Multisystemic perspective on Narratives of Resilience, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
  • 11.2018. Expert Meeting: Hidden Narratives: From Crisis Response to Social Resilience, free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 09.2018. Narratives of Resilience, Young Researcher's Talk at the International Resilience Symposium (former DRZ, now Leibniz centre for Resilience Research), Mainz, Germany
  • 08.2018. Enhancement and Human Agency, a conference talk at European Society for Medicine, Philosophy and Health, 2018, Lisbon (With Nikolai Münch)
  • 04.2018. Resilience and Narratives, a project presentation at Resilience Spring School, organized by Leibniz center for Resilience Research, funded by German Research Foundation, Kloster Seeon, Bavaria, 2018