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Guide on registration and/or enrollment at JGU


These steps have to be followed consecutively for the enrollment:


1. Create Jogustine- Account


Create an account at https://jogustine.uni-mainz.de

  • Click “Application/Registration”
  • Click “create account” on the left tab
  • Fill in your information

Please note that your email will be you username!


2. Application for Recognition of Foreign Certificates and Diplomas


This step is only neccessary if your degrees have been obtained abroad!

Following this link, you will find detailed instructions on how to apply for your recognition of foreign certificates: www.studium.uni-mainz.de/en/your-application/applying-with-international-certificates/recognition/

3. Registration/ Enrollment


If you do not speak German, we advise you send an e-mail to our Research Assistant Florian Selzer ( transmed@uni-mainz.de) who will help you through the enrollment process.

  • To register/enroll log into your Jogustine-Account
  • Click on “Application/Registration"
  • On the left tab click on “My Application”
  • Choose "Degree program (doctoral program)" at "My data – Section 2"
  • Click "Save"
  • Click on "Find courses offered"
  • Choose "Translational Biomedicine" as "Subject"
  • Choose which semester you want to be enrolled in and fill in your application
  • To be registered and enrolled click "(I): I want to be registered and enrolled"
  • When every section is marked "OK" submit your application and print it
  • Sign/let your supervisors sign the papers where indicated and collect all additional documents
  • Finally, please make an appointment via  email with TransMed Office for Doctoral Affairs to hand in all printed and additional files





Head of the Office for Doctoral Affairs:

Dr. Petra M. Schwarz
Bldg. 907, Room 214
University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 2

Tel +49 6131 17-9149