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Data visualization: Theoretical background and application in R with ggplot2

Organizer: NIC

This 2-day course consists of a theoretical introduction in the morning of day 1, followed by a practical part of 1.5 days. The workshop is covering the basics of ggplot2 in R and no prior experience with this particular package is necessary. Basic knowledge of data manipulation in R and using RStudio is required. We have a max. capacity of 12 persons, registration is on a firstcome-first-served basis.


  • Acquire fundamental knowledge about the art and science of data visualization
  • Learn the basic architecture of the R package ggplot2.
  • Apply ggplot2 to create plots of different complexities.
  • Customize your plots according to your own wishes.

Maximum number of participants: 12 (first come, first serve)

Next workshop and venue: TBA


For the workshop, 1.8 CP for transferable skills training can be credited