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Further regulations and insurance

  • FTN/TransMed Fellowship holders must follow the advices of their supervisors with respect to all rules of laboratory practice, to workplace behavior and to project-related duties.
  • Specific regulations regarding working hours and holidays applicable to "Tarifvertrag"-holders do not apply to holders of the FTN/TransMed Fellowship.
  • FTN/TransMed Fellows have no teaching obligations.
  • If FTN/TransMed Fellows face severe problems fulfilling project requirements or communicating with their first supervisors, they can contact the second supervisor for assistance. Both sides may report the issue to the FTN Teaching Committee, which will subsequently inform the FTN Steering Committee
  • Pregnancy and parenthood:
    - The German regulations on work safety ("Arbeitsschutz") and maternity leave ("Mutterschutz") are mandatory. During maternity leave the German health insurance assumes financial responsibility.
    - All pregnant FTN/TransMed Fellows are required to inform their supervisors immediately about the exact dates of the maternity leave ("Mutterschutz").
    - FTN pays the monthly Fellowship during the period of maternity leave.
    - The FTN/TransMed Fellowship will be extended for the time of the maternity leave.
    - After giving birth, one of the parents can apply for parental leave ("Elternzeit") with a maximum duration of one year. The supervisor has to be informed about the dates and the contract will be extended accordingly (the FTN/TransMed Fellowship will not be paid during this period; any additional salary derived from taking another job position during the parental leave is limited to 450€/month)
  • Insurance:

    - By signing the FTN/TransMed Fellowship contract each Fellow confirms that FTN/TransMed Fellowship is not a regular working contract with the Univiersity Medical Center Mainz. Please note that the insurance within the FTN/TransMed Fellowship only covers accidents occuring within the laboratories of the University Medical Center Mainz.
    - All FTN/TransMed Fellowship holders will be automatically enrolled in the TransMed training program. This qualifies for enrollment as a doctoral student at JGU Mainz.
    - Only FTN/TransMed Fellowship holders with proof of matriculation (needs to be actively applied by the candidate!) receive exclusively reduced fares for contracts with insurance companies, public transportation (MVG) or other benefits.
    - IMPORTANT: Each FTN/TransMed Fellow is responsible to organize health insurance, personal liability insurance ("Haftpflichtversicherung") etc. by him-/herself.


FTN/TransMed Fellowship Coordinator:

Sabine Tensing

University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Bldg. 907, Room 01-216

Tel +49 6131 17-7632