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The first three Clinician Scientists started the Jumpstart program in January 2020:

Maximilian Haist

Department of Dermatology

Research project: Relevance of ß2 integrins for the function of regulatory T cells within tumors

Kevin Jan Legscha

Department of Internal Medicine III

Research project: Understanding the mechanism of action of Δ133p53α-isoform as a potential novel molecular enhancer of T-cell effector function to improve T-cell based cancer immunotherapy

Muriel Schraad

Department of Neurology

Research project: Interactions of human lymphocytes in human neuronal cultures: a platform for testing
neuroprotective drugs


Prof. Dr. med. Julia Weinmann-Menke
Department of Internal Medicine I


Ivonne Dietzel
Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed)