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Seminar "Spectroscopy and Protein Interactions"

apl. Prof. Nadja Hellmann, Department Chemistry/Biochemistry

Target audience:
Students working on their thesis (PhD, Master) and are

  • using spectroscopic methods for functional or structural studies of proteins
  • and/or investigating the interaction of proteins with other molecules or surfaces.

Those, who are just interested in these topics, are also welcome.

The methods will be introduced by their use in published work. Each participant is expected to shortly introduce the own work, and also to (co)present one of the papers we will discuss. Based on the selected literature the general principles and pitfalls in using the methods will be discussed. The focus is mainly on in‐vitro experiments.

Both experimental (spectroscopy, surface methods, hydrodynamic methods, mass spectrometry, protein characterization etc) and theoretical (data analysis, models to describe protein function) aspects will be addressed.

A certificate of participation will be handed out, frequent and active participation presumed.

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