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Feedback and Communications

Course Description:

Young researchers communicate in many different directions and at many different occasions. Strong communication skills are essential since they work with supervi-sors, employees, clients, colleagues or stakeholders, to name just a few. In this con-text their conversational and negotiating skills are quite vital to be able to communi-cate on the same level and to lead conversations into the right direction.
In this workshop we will train important tools for a self-confident and professional communication that helps you work towards your goals.


  • What can I do to increase clarity and to decrease the risk of misunderstandings?
  • Essential tools for professional communication
  • The special importance of feedback
  • Typical categories of conversations at work and corresponding strategies, e.g. regular feedback conversations, performance evaluations, conflict resolution meetings with supervisors or colleagues
  • Convincing argumentation techniques
  • Objection handling and what to do if situations get tricky

Methodology: Theoretical and practical input by the trainer, discussion of experiences and questions, working in small groups and individually 

Target audience: TransMed's doctoral candidates, and clinician scientists

Maximal number of participants: 14

Next Workshop and venue: (TBA)

For the workshop 1 CP for transferable skills training can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
Bldg. 907, Room 01-212
University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Tel. +49 6131 17-7631