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Are you interested in participating in TransMed as a clinician scientist or a doctoral candidate?

Please contact the TransMed Principal Investigators directly.

To apply as a doctoral candidate (Dr. rer. nat./Dr. rer. physiol.), you are welcome to use this.

To apply as a doctoral candidate (PhD-MD/PhD), please find more information here.

TransMed offers twice a year positions for a Else Kröner Fellowship (TV-Ärzte UM Mainz, Ä1, 100%) for clinician scientists. The fellowship will be awarded with a flexible 24-month release for research in a timeframe of 3 years.

Last publication of call for applications: July 2024

Deadline: TBA

Interviews: TBA

Binding start of the fellowship: January 1, 2025

TransMed annually offers TransMed Fellowships for clinician scientists and doctoral candidates. The fellowship comprises a salary for 24 months and a fixed lump sum (e.g. consumables for the lab, participation in international congresses).

Publication of call for applications: August 1

Deadline: September 15

Interviews: October/November

Binding start of the fellowship: January

>> Current open positions