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Protecting your Ideas – Patents for Scientists

Course objective:

One of the best experiences in a scientist's life is when you make an exciting discovery. Have you ever wondered how to make the most of it? This talk will give an overview of the procedures to protect your ideas and use them to their full potential. There will be plenty of room to discuss all your questions.

Questions to be answered will include:

  • What is a patent?
  • How can I patent my research results and why should I?
  • Who is the inventor and who is the owner of a patent?
  • What to do with a patent (Licensing, partnering or spin-off)?

Target audience: TransMed’s Doctoral Candidates and Clinicians Scientists with great ideas (at any career stage) and those who want to actually bring them to life. No prior knowledge on intellectual property necessary!

Maximum number of participants: 30

Next Workshop: -

Venue: TBA. For the Workshop 0.1 CP for transferable skills training can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
Bldg. 907, Room 01-212
University Medical Center
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Tel. +49 6131 17-7631