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Good Research Practice for (Post)Doctoral researchers

Due to the current situation, the workshop will be held online this year.

Course description:

The workshop serves to prevent conflicts in scientific working as well as their treatment.

The following methods are used: dialogic short presentations, participant-specific case studies, targeted invidual and group work, discussions and reflections


  • Basics of responsible conduct and professional ethos of a researcher
    •  Introduction: Research, ethical principles and ethos
    • Basic (inter-)national recommendations and regulations for safeguarding good research practice and research integrity
    • Research misconduct: Examples, elements of offense, reasons and consequences (incl. excursus on plagiarism and copyright) 

  • General Responsibilities

    • Quality Management, research design and documentation/archiving
    • Publication process, authorship and review of manuscripts
    • Supervision: Expectations, duties and roles
    • Organizational culture: Collaboration, communication, prevention in dealing with conflict
    • Procedures in case of suspicion and relevant contact points

  • Important specific responsibilities [*depending on participants’ disciplinary/research background]

    • Important prior to any data collection: Authorization or permission relevant research
    • [Research on animals]*
    • [Research on humans]*
    • [Surveys, interviews, data privacy and security issues of personal data in research]*

Target audience: Doctoral candidates, clinician scientists and postdocs (if possible at an early stage of the research career). The workshop is mandatory for all TransMed members!

Number of participants: Max. 20 participants

Next wokshop: to be announced

Technology: Zoom. Please check that your PC meets the requirements beforehand (microphone, camera, Internet connection).

For the workshop 1 CP for scientific skills can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
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