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Doctoral Candidates

Nawid Albinger

Topic: Generation and Evaluation of AML specific CAR NK cells

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Sara Becker

Topic: Novel mechanisms of mCMV immuno evasins

TP11 Distler/Lemmermann

Klajdi Begaj (MD)

Topic: „In vitro und in vivo Testungen von Makrophagen-repolarisierender siRNA zur Therapie der Leberfibrose und des HCC"

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Tobias Bexte (MD)

Speaker of the IRTG medical doctoral candidates

Topic: Entwicklung einer CAR-NK-Zell Therapie gegen Leukämie

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Nabil Boui

Speaker of the IRTG doctoral candidates

Topic: Deciphering the role of cAMP response element driven gene regulation in tumor-associated macrophage polarization and function

TP01 Bopp

Kathrin Braband

Speaker of the IRTG doctoral candidates

Topic: Single cell analysis of the immune landscape in human cancer with a focus on the role of tissue-resident regulatory T cells in cancer development and progression

TP19 Delacher/Marini

Leon Buchinger (MD)

Topic: NK-Zelltherapie von malignen hämatologischen Erkrankungen

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Julia Campe

Topic: The role of CD4 T cells in GVHD and GvL

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Martina Casari

Topic: Macrophages and platelets modulation in hepatocellular carcinoma and infection

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Christian Gosmann

Topic: Characterization and modulation of M1/M2/TAM

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Mona Grans

Topic: Signals inducing type-I interferons production in the immunological steady state

TP13 Probst/Schild

Kristin Grunz

Topic: Endosomal TLR Signaling and monocyte function

TP02 Beling/Ruf

Sara Hamdan

Topic: lmmunomodulation of cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation by regulatory T cells and dendritic cells

TP14E Holtappels/Clausen

Alva Hayungs (MD)

Topic: Studien zu den biochemischen Grundlagen der Hyperaktivierung humaner T-Zellen durch neutrophile Granulozyten

TP06 Munder/Theobald

Sara Helbich

Topic: Tissue repair immune cells in murine infection and cancer models

TP19 Delacher/Marini

Moritz Jürgens (MD)

Topic: The NIKs role within CX3XR1+ macrophages during inflammation and cancer development in the gut

TP15 Stebut/Waisman

Friederike Kirschner (MD)

Topic: Untersuchungen zur Zusammensetzung des Tumormikromilieus unter Betrachtung des Transkriptoms, Proteoms und Sekretoms ausgewählter Tumorzelllinien

TP13 Probst/Schild

Redouane Krini (MD)

Topic: Gezielte Beeinflussung von konvergierenden Mechanismen ineffizienter Immunität bei Tumorerkrankungen und chronischen Infektionen

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Josip Komso

Topic: Endothelial control of intestinal epithelial stem cell differentiation

TP15 Stebut/Waisman

Marie Kruchem

Topic: In vivo treatment of NSCLC with combination of immunotherapies and investigation of their effects in a genetically modified mouse model

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Alexander Lang

Topic: Molecular T cell immunotherapy and inhibition of tumor immune escape mechanisms

TP06 Munder/Theobald

Simone Liebhäuser (MD)

Topic: Hyperaktivierung humaner T-Zellen durch Granulozyten bei Arginase-Hemmung: Analyse wichtiger Signaltransduktionswege

TP06 Munder/Theobald

Johanna Lossa

Topic: The role of type-I interferons in myeloproliferative neoplasms and chronic viral infections

TP21 Muth/Radsak

Annekathrin Ludt

TP19 Delacher/Marini

Catharina Majer

Topic: SAMHD1: impact on inflammation and DNA damage response in HIV-1 and malignant diseases

TP04 König

Sven Pagel

Topic: Influence of F7 deletion in myeloid cells on tumor growth and antitumor immune response

TP10 Graf/Ruf

Natalia Luise Peeck

TP05 Rajalingam/Ciesek

Jennifer Pott

Topic: Impact of the endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR) expressed by myeloid cells on tumor growth and immnunomodulation

TP10 Graf/Ruf

Lisa Marie Reindl

Topic: Improving NK-cell based immunotherapy against solid pediatric malignancies

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Carina Santos

Topic: Role of platelets in cancer metastasis

TP10 Graf/Ruf

Vinzenz Särchen

Topic: Overcoming inefficient tumor immunity by smac mimetics

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Julia Schäfer

Topic: Defining the role of hepatocellular carcinoma related epigenetic alterations driving immune evasion

TP07E Strand/Marquardt

Theresa Schaller

Topic: Targets and mediators of IL-17 mouse models of psoriasis and skin infection

TP15 Stebut/Waisman

Josephin Schwarz

Topic: Immunomodulation of cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation by regulatory T cells and dendritic cells

TP14E Holtappels/Clausen

Amelie Schwenger (MD)

Topic: Charakterisierung der Immunreaktionen bei Covid-19 Erkrankungen und nach Covid-19 Vakzinierung

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Senthan Shanmugalingam (MD)

Topic: Identification of novel combination treatments to facilitate NK cell-mediated killing of pediatric cancer

TP12 Ullrich/Kühn

Dominik Siegl

Topic: Immunotherapies in HCC mouse models

TP08 Schuppan/Deppermann

Valeria Smirnov (MD)

Topic: Characterization of age and gender related differences in ILC subsets in healthy human skin

TP15 Stebut/Waisman

Natalia Truong-Andrievici

Topic: Die ICER-kontrollierte Regulation der Makrophagen-abhängigen Immunevasions-Mechanismen der malignen Melanome

TP01 Bopp

David Uhlfelder (MD)

Topic: Unraveling the role of IL-6 signaling in the preclinical model of Castleman disease

TP 15 Stebut/Waisman

Ikra Gizem Yildiz

Topic: Neo-epitope specific T-cells

TP17 Kreiter/Sahin

Project Leaders:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Bopp, Institute for Immunology

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Björn E. Clausen, Institute for Molecular Medicine


Ivonne Dietzel
Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed)