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UCT/TransMed Fellowships

Current Fellows:

Dr. med. Stephanie Reichert, Department of Internal Medicine III:
”Improving cancer immunotherapy by neutrophil granulocyte-mediated T cell hyperactivation”

Dr. med. Stephanie Strobl, Institute of Pathology:
“Using pathological routine diagnostics to identify populations at risk for gastrointestinal cancers – a spatial ecological study”

Dr. med. Jonas Wißkirchen, Department of Internal Medicine III:
“Investigation on the cross talk between NK cells and T cells in cellular immunotherapies”


Dr. med. Astrid Alflen, Department of Internal Medicine III:
“PI3Kδ isoform in TREM21 mediated neutrophil inflammatory responses”

Dr. med. Carolin Czauderna, Department of Internal Medicine I:
“Characterization of (epi)genetic alterations during sequential evolution of liver cancer”

Dr. med. Khalifa El Malki, Department of Pediatrics:
“Preclinical evaluation of checkpoint protein expression and checkpoint inhibitors in malignant pediatric brain tumors and extracranial solid tumors”

Dr. med. Sebastian Försch, Institute of Pathology:
“Fate of senescent cells in colorectal cancer”

Dr. med. Felix Hahn, Department of Radiology:
“Developing automated tools to detect vascular tumor infiltration in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma”

Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. Leonard Kaps: Department of Internal Medicine I:
“In vivo modulation of M2-type macrophages for antitumor therapy in the liver using cell-specific nanoparticles”

Dr. med. Korbinian Nepomuk Kropp, Department of Internal Medicine III:
“Insertion of an HLA-independent TRP2-specific T-cell receptor into the TRAC locus using CRISPR/Cas9”

Dr. med. Johanna Rausch, Department of Internal Medicine III:
”Characterizing the combination of therapeutic Menin-MLL1 complex disruption and pharmacological BCL2 inhibition in Acute Myeloid Leukemia”

Dr. med. Sophia Wilden, Department of Dermatology:
“Evaluation of newly identified predictive and prognostic marker molecules in melanoma patients under immunotherapeutic strategies”

Dr. med. Johannes Windschmitt, Department of Internal Medicine III:
“L-arginine depletion in combination with L-canavanine supplementation: a novel treatment strategy for multiple myeloma”

Dr. med. Dr. med. Univ. Pascal Wölfinger, Department of Internal Medicine III:
“lnvestigation on regulatory T-cells as a therapeutic target in prevention and treatment of acute and chronic GVHD in patients after hematopoietic allogeneic stem cell transplantation"

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