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Career Talk: Dream Job Science Manager?

Speaker: Doreen Nothmann, Scientific Coordinator of the Research Center for Immunotherapy and the Collaborative Research Center 1292

Doreen about her Talk:
"What could be so appealing about managing administrative processes, coordinating applications for third-party-funded consortia and ensuring that research funds are spent according to specifications? What sounds so dry and unsexy is actually very appealing. Personal talents such as creativity and communication skills come into play in the job as a science manager, as do options for making contacts, a high degree of freedom within the framework of everyday working life and a string of professional successes.
When I started at the University Medical Center in 2013, I had little idea what my job would look like and how long and well I would do it. Now I can hardly imagine any other job, as I benefit from an extremely high degree of variety and freedom. Many of my personal skills come into play on a daily basis. The variety of activities means that frustrating situations rarely last long. It really is a dream job for me, but probably not everyone enjoys this kind of work. In this presentation, you will find out what knowledge and skills a science manager needs and who is better off ignoring such job advertisements."

Target Audience: TransMed's doctoral candidates, and postdocs

Maximum Number of Participants: 25

Next Workshop and venue: (TBA)

For the workshop, 0.1 CP for transferable skills can be credited.


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