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AG Experimentelle und Translationale Ophthalmologie

  • Arbeitsgruppenleiter/-in: 

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz H. Grus
  • Forschungsschwerpunkte:

    The Experimental and Translational Ophthalmology of the University Eye Clinic Mainz under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Franz Grus is an institution aiming for successful clinically oriented basic research. The focus of research here is on the glaucoma disease, where we are trying to investigate an autoimmune component of the disease, but also on the retinal diseases, such as AMD and ocular surface disease analysis by means of tear film-, body fluid- or tissue analysis. Methodologically, high-throughput mass spectrometric proteomics studies, microarrays and immunological investigations are in the foreground. Furthermore, the processes are to be investigated based on cell culture models and established animal models in the working group. 


  • Fünf wichtigste Publikationen:

    Beutgen, V. M., Perumal, N., Pfeiffer, N., and Grus, F. H. (2019) Autoantibody Biomarker Discovery in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Using Serological Proteome Analysis (SERPA). Front Immunol 10, 381.

    Schmelter, C., Fomo, K. N., Perumal, N., Manicam, C., Bell, K., Pfeiffer, N., and Grus, F. H. (2019) Synthetic Polyclonal-Derived CDR Peptides as an Innovative Strategy in Glaucoma Therapy. J Clin Med 8.

    Teister, J., Anders, F., Beck, S., Funke, S., von Pein, H., Prokosch, V., Pfeiffer, N., and Grus, F. (2017) Decelerated neurodegeneration after intravitreal injection of alpha-synuclein antibodies in a glaucoma animal model. Sci Rep 7, 6260.

    Perumal, N., Funke, S., Pfeiffer, N., and Grus, F. H. (2016) Proteomics analysis of human tears from aqueous-deficient and evaporative dry eye patients. Sci Rep 6, 29629.

    Grus, F. H., Joachim, S. C., Bruns, K., Lackner, K. J., Pfeiffer, N., and Wax, M. B. (2006) Serum autoantibodies to alpha-fodrin are present in glaucoma patients from Germany and the United States. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 47, 968-976.





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